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M.POS Inc. engages in research & development of mobile-commerce applications and products to the banking, telecommunications and other industries. Our premier product is the Mobile Point of Sale, which is a wireless terminal designed to allow merchants to accept payments by means of banking payment cards in any location. Our expertise has earned us an enviable reputation for excellence, as well as leveraged our knowledge and products to carve a niche. Playing an important role in the mobile commerce, M.POS has formulated a blue-print for a mobile commerce framework, called M.Blue.
This outlines the mobile and traditional payment can co-exist and catered for in technical solutions. M.POS has been foreseeing the potential of mobile applications and products, in order to triumph over the traditional constrain and generate new merchant groups. As an industry trendsetter, M.POS offers leading edge products and end-to-end solutions to fulfill the continual increasingly diverse customer base from local and worldwide market.